Congratulations, Mayor Bradley Stephens!


Mandate with 92 Percent of the Vote

Mayor Bradley A. Stephens was appointed Mayor of Rosemont by the Village of Rosemont Board of Trustees, on May 1, 2007, two weeks after his father, Mayor Donald E. Stephens, passed away while serving his 14th consecutive term in the same office. Mayor Don Stephens was one of the longest serving incumbents in the nation.

Throughout the past two years, those fortunate enough to know Mayor Brad Stephens were aware that: 1) he works extremely hard for the Village of Rosemont; and 2) he was very much looking forward to the election in April, 2009, when the residents of Rosemont would have the opportunity to voice their opinion of the appointed mayor.

With wife Suzi, his mother, Pat, and other Stephens family members present, Mayor Stephens took the oath of office, which was administered by Illinois Court of Claims Judge Donald Storino, a long-time family friend. Both gentlemen fought back emotion as the ceremony proceeded. Following the mayor’s swearing in, the Judge administered additional oaths of office to Debbie Drehobl for the office of Village Clerk, and Roger Minale, Ralph DiMatteo and Sharon Pappas for the offices of Trustee. The mayor thanked retiring Clerk Rosalie Lennstrom and congratulated new Trustee Roger MInale.

“It was a very special honor for me to swear in the Hon. Bradley A. Stephens on May 6, 2009,” Judge Storino said.

He continued: “It was a meaningful experience not only for me, but for everyone in my family. Our families have known each other since 1978. I had the pleasure and honor to serve Mayor Brad Stephens’ father, Donald E. Stephens, and it was with a great deal of pride that I administered the oath of office to Brad. I’ve watched Brad develop and grow as a person, and as an elected official in the town his father founded. Brad possesses all the attributes to lead Rosemont in the future. Rosemont is fortunate to have Mayor Bradley Stephens as its President. Congratulations to all citizens in the Village of Rosemont and to Mayor Stephens.”

“The huge margin and the record turn-out are the expression of confidence the people of Rosemont have in his leadership,” added Peter Rosenthal, village attorney from Rosenthal, Murphy, Coblentz and Donahue.

“Bradley was an outstanding mayor prior to his election and the best is yet to come,” said Robert Stephenson, an attorney at Locke, Lord Bissell and Liddell, who has advised the current mayor and his father for decades.

Mr. Stephenson continued: “People who don’t know the Stephens family don’t realize that Mayor Don Stephens devoted his entire life to public service. He was dedicated to governing Rosemont. He couldn’t do enough for his town and his neighbors. Up until the day he passed away, there was always an urgency to do more and more, and to give of himself to the community.

“He raised his children and his grandchildren with the same beliefs and strong sense of responsibility. Just look at Mayor Brad’s performance already. With less than two years in office, the village’s bond rating already has increased. That increase is a huge accomplishment because the rating was good from the start. Additionally, to increase a municipality’s bond

rating during the second largest economic downturn in modern history is absolutely unique to all other municipalities.”

Mayor Stephens thanked everyone in attendance, and the entire Village of Rosemont for the victory: “I thank everyone for the support. I speak for my wife, Suzi and my entire family, when I say we are thrilled and will do the best job possible for the people of Rosemont, Illinois.”


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